Vocal Warm Ups & Exercise Review Invite

Thank you for helping us & making a video of our new book!

Please see instructions below on how to download your free PDF copy of our new book & what we need from you. Thanks again! Scroll down to get started!

Downloading the book!

Before you get started you’ll need to download the book, You will need your top secret password to get your free book (please don’t share the password as there are only a specific number of downloads available.) Click the download button in the box to the right and enter the password.

What we need!

In order to make full use of your videos, we want to try and keep all submissions as consistent as possible. We would like you do do the following:


Please use a tripod, Mobile stand or have your production buddy hold your camera or device. So your hands are free to hold your mobile or kindle device!

Camera Orientation

Please make sure your camera or device is in landscape mode like YouTube rather than Instagram.

What should the video contain?

FUN FUN & more FUN! Please try to include:

> Introduce your self

> Tell us some things you like about the book

> Reading an alliteration

> Do some of the exercises

Where to send it

Please post your video on YouTube or your favourite file sharing platform (Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive etc.) and email us the link: Info@100percentpublishing.com Then share your video on the Facebook Group!

What will we use the videos for?

Landing Page

You will be our social proof! Our landing page is designed to encourage those who are interested in our book to buy. Your videos will help them make their choice!

YouTube Channel

Your videos will be uploaded as is and may be featured in our YouTube content.

Advertising Campaign

Your videos will be edited into a series of advertisements to help promote the book.

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